Head to head: Elevator Sound

We spoke to Ben Chilton from Bristol based music hardware shop Elevator Sound about their move into the old home of Idle Hands and asked what you need to do for a cheeky discount.

You recenly opened your doors in the old Idle Hands space on Stokes Croft. How’s it going in your new living space?

It’s been great! Took a while to get everything sorted but we’re all up and going now. It was important for us to put our own stamp on the space, so we stripped all the nice paint and flooring they’d put in and took it back to industrial bones and scaffolding.

Has there been more interest with customers since the move?

Certainly! A lot more people are popping their heads in for a jam or even to get some advice whereas before it got cramped with any more than four!

What has having the new space meant for you? Is there more room to show off shiny new equipment?

Way more room for shiny machines and flashing lights, that’s the most important thing. Also having a space where we can run demos and events where people can just come to hang out in the daytime has been really important for me and now we’re finally able to do that without everyone crawling all over each other.

What equipment should CHK One readers should be excited about?

It’s been a good few months for new kit, personally I’ve been really excited by the Make Noise O-Coast desktop synth, a bunch of modular stuff, specifically the Dreadbox White Lines range and Erica Synths Black series. The one that really gets me gassed though is Cyclone Analogic’s 606 clone, it just bangs so hard when you crank the gain up..

You’re hosting some events in the coming weeks; what’s coming up that we shouldn’t miss?

So we’ve got Dreadbox coming down on the 19th (7-9) for an instore demo of their new white lines range and desktop synths, that’ll give everyone a chance to jam on the new machines and we’ll be selling stuff on the night too. It’s also an excuse to belt out a load of weird bloopy bass on a Wednesday night.

Following that we’ve got Ableton coming down on the 27th for an in-store evening focusing on integrating hardware and Ableton/Max4Live. That’ll be full of tricks and tips – plenty of time for jamming again. When that wraps up the Elevator staff will be rolling down to Kongs on King Street to play, which we’re all excited about!

Anything else new that we should know?

Bigger shop, same small store mentality. Anything you need to ask or anything you want to have a bash on, we’re always here to help. We’re also starting up a monthly radio show alongside the 10Twenty gang every second Friday so you can warm up for your big night out with a load of weird live synth jams and special guest mixes from some of Bristols finest.

Finally, if you want to bribe me for discount, I’ll take a can of rubicon and a samosa from The Best…

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